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I swear, I was meant for a different era. My mother calls me a hippie all the time… and sometimes even a gypsy. If I could be in a headband all day, I probably would. I know the cooler temps are getting everyone excited for Fall, but it has been rainy and icky all week in NC. Luckily, the sun decides to come out and play mid-day, so I still get to incorporate some summer looks. I’ll take this post to also talk about my obsession with white. Whether it be eastern wear or tops, I constantly gravitate to white. There is something about a white shirt, especially white shalwar kameez, that makes me weak in the knees. I can’t explain the obsession but to me, everything looks better in white. It’s angelic yes, but it also feels brand new and I love that feeling.

So, here’s a look I put together last week. When it gets cooler, you can throw an oversized cardigan, pleather jacket, or a vest over this kind of top, and it will look great. These over-pieces are three completely different looks to style the outfit. I never go into American Eagle- not that there is anything wrong with AEO, I just feel too old for it, but I went in there to purchase a present earlier in the summer, and got this top for literally four dollars! It was meant to be. You will notice my jeans are AGAIN acid wash. I’m telling you, different era. I kept the look relatively simple, my headband is my focal point, obvi.

top: American Eagle Outfitters | jeans: Crash&Burn for Buckle | shoes: Francesca’s | headband: Tilley’s | purse: Buckle




orange you glad it’s pleather?

Pleather weather is here, and I couldn’t be more excited! Disclaimer: I had to take off the jacket because it got extremely hot mid day… but nonetheless it’s around the corner right?!

This is my favorite jacket, and there’s a story behind it. When I worked at Buckle last year, we got it in freight and for days we all just stared at the jacket thinking… why? On the hanger it just looked like glam went wrong. I don’t know why but it just looked horrific to me. Before my Cali trip last year I was dying to find the perfect black pleather jacket. My co-worker insisted I try it on. As I was trying it on, it was as if the light was shining on me… okay sorry for the dramatics, but there was something there. I could not believe how amazing and different it looked on! Everyone walking in, my co-workers, and my boss, said, Fatima, you NEED that in your life. Thank God I tried it on. Trying on things are key for me, they just always look different on the hanger, and then on me.

I love that I am able to dress up a simple outfit with this jacket. I’m not crazy about sequence, but the small gold specks over the sleeves grew on to me, it helped that it was a light gold color. And to be quite honest, I feel like a badass in this jacket, and that by itself is a good reason.

jacket: Buckle | dress & purse: h&m | leggings & shoes: Fabulous Finds Boutique | necklace: f21








My birthday is approaching and I can’t help but reflect on this past year. Birthdays are funny; I feel as sometimes it’s like New Years or is that just me? They’re exactly that though, the “new” year in your life. Nothing really is different – just like new years, except you’re one year older and hopefully wiser. As I’m reflecting, I wonder if I am wiser, if we truly learn from all our past mistakes? I’ve often heard that people can’t change, but I believe they can. They just chose not to, because it’s easier to stay the same. Whether you feel the need to change or not, it’s happening. Change is constant – probably the only constant thing in our lives.

Change can be good. We’re often forced to face our demons, even if we’re not ready. Perhaps we’re never ready. Heartbreaks, circumstances, new beginnings, abrupt endings, they push us; push us to our breaking points. But that’s the thing, we don’t break, we’re able to endure much more than we realize. And even when we do break, it changes us… for better or for worse? You decide that.

This year has been full of revelations. That the people you thought would be by your side, end up leaving. Whoever said, it is better to be alone than in bad company was correct. How I could ACTUALLY like children. That being stagnant or complacent in your life isn’t good enough. You should want change, you should want more, and you should constantly strive to do better.

Sure, people make you happy, but they aren’t the only source. I stress this because I see it all too much, people running after people. Expecting them to “change” their lives. You should make yourself happy, you should change your own life. You get to a point where you start defining happiness on your own terms. Let that day be now. Erase what you thought and let today be your new year.

Happy birthday.

olive Fall.

I’m dreaming about Fall, and I say dreaming considering it’s still pretty warm in North Carolina. I’ve seen many posts about how everyone loves Fall, so I won’t bore you. It’s all the same right? Cooler weather, amazing wardrobe, the changing crunchy leaves, and scary movies! Wait, that’s just me. Also, am I the only one who isn’t crazy about pumpkin spice? I just don’t understand the excessive hype around it, but of course, to each their own. I’m more of a creme brulee girl anyway.

The sole reason I love when the weather changes is because of outerwear! I have a weird obsession with jackets, coats, pleathers – all of it! I have a separate closet for all of my jackets- thanks mom. Seeing that it’s still warm during the day, jackets are an easy transitional piece to the cooler evenings.

This post, I’m sticking to my roots, as much as I love dressing up, it isn’t my everyday look. I wore heels this past weekend and I NEVER wear heels, unless someone is getting married. I don’t know how girls function in heels, I’m definitely jealous at times but I just naturally gravitate to flats. I paired my straight acid wash jeans with a white t-shirt and threw a jacket over it, and kept it even more “Fatima” with my purple converses and a fishtail braid.

jacket: Buckle | shirt: Obey | jeans: Big Star Vintage | shoes: converses | purse: Buckle | earcuff: h&m







Traveling Diaries: O Canada [edition]

This summer was extremely hectic. With Ramadan and constant traveling – not complaining by the way, I can’t believe summer is technically over! I say technically because you haven’t experienced North Carolina heat. But summer fun has come to an end sadly, and I wanted to share my traveling experience through a series of blog posts, called traveling diaries. This is the Canada Edition.

I went to Canada as a child and my memories of Canada are minimal, perhaps I was just that young. I remember attending a wedding, and some good family friends, but not much else. Oh, and of course Niagara Falls, because if you’re desi, you HAVE to see Niagara Falls. My experience this time was pretty amazing. Nothing trumps quality family time, experiencing a fun new city, and of course… Niagara Falls.

Toronto is pretty fabulous! The food, the diversity, and lets talk fashion! My family and me went to Yorkdale, which is a huge shopping mall in Toronto, we probably shopped WAY too much. I saw so many well dressed people in Toronto, I was honestly impressed. I want to say Toronto is comparable to New York, but I have to give Toronto it’s own credit. It has this vibe and liveliness of its own, and oh, the fashion, SO great.

Nothing compares to quality family time. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw how all my cousins have the most adorable children. Spending time with children is such a humbling experience. They’re remarkably innocent, they ask the most curious questions, and I love how bubbly and high- spirited they are. It makes you admire them and kind of envious at the same time. Here we are, constantly caught up in the stressful part of our lives. How sometimes, we aren’t able to enjoy the little things, and then there’s the zesty children, who get excited over me doing their hair, or who will get to sit by me or my brother in the car. I truly miss them.

Canada is gorgeous. Must be all those tax dollars – or tax canadian money? Canadian dollars, by the way. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II is on the twenty dollar bill? Yeah, me either. I loved that beside every word they also had the French word for it. I hardly saw any cops on the road! Seriously, not one. I’m guessing Americans are much more rebellious then our neighbor country. And lets talk about the bagged milk. Okay, so for anyone who hasn’t been to Canada, instead of cartons, you get bagged milk. It was quite interesting I must say. My brother and I figured its probably easier to recycle, who knows. If you miss Pakistan- just visit Canada.

Don’t hate me for saying this, but I think Niagara Falls is a little overrated. NOTE, that I said a little, don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely stunning. Definitely a one time thing though, at least I can check it off my list, right? This time when I was there, I got to ride the ferry, which was pleasant and being able to see it THAT close was enjoyable, I got completely drenched – so much for my doing my hair, but the view was breathtaking. It was worth it.

O Canada, as much as I love living in America, I’d consider you 🙂







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