About Me

Writer. Activist. Visionary.

I am obsessed with all types of art and creation. Interest in beauty and fashion are an extremely small part of me. Words intrigue me; not only are they meant to be written but perhaps they’re more intended to be read. There are many stories to be told, and this one is mine.

For collaborations and  business inquires contact me at: teatimewithfatima@gmail.com

twitter & instagram : fatimabutt926


7 responses to “About Me

  1. Do you get these immediately? Love the site tho!


  2. ubutt

    Nice Website


  3. Sammi Mushtaq

    Keep up the good work! Your chair article was pretty good!


  4. ❤ LOVE LOVE LOVE! I'm so excited to see more…and I am so proud to be your friend :)!!!


  5. Sophia

    Your so pretty frand and i love your blogs❤️
    Dont forget us little people when you become big 😁


  6. Jess

    Hey. I really miss your blogs. Please write. It was nice rrading a strong woman’s perspectives and passion. Hope you are well.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. YourBiggestFan

    Love your posts ❤


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