uh huh honey.

Haven’t done a beauty post in a while, and winter weather calls for special attention, especially for our skin. If you have dry skin, this scrub will be great for that as well. For all my matte lipstick wearing friends, this is for you! I have tried manyyyy lip scrubs – emphasis on MANY. The one I found to be amazing next to my homemade one, is the lip scrub by e.l.f. and it’s only three dollars, so definitely something to check out! Nothing beats organic products though. My go to lip scrub is extremely simple and quick to whip up, and guys this is for you too, NO one wants dry, flakey lips.

All you need is sugar, olive oil, and honey. I got a little container to mix and store the ingredients in. For two spoons of honey, I use two spoons of sugar and then one spoon of olive oil. If I feel my skin is being extra flakey, I will add another spoon of sugar, and the days I need more hydration I add more honey and/or olive oil. Mix it until you find the consistency that works for you. Ever since I have started using this scrub, which has been a solid year, my lips NEVER flake or peel. I love matte lipsticks, and matte lipsticks are so incredibly drying and you can see every single line – not very attractive. But enter lip scrub. After scrubbing I take a wet warm wash cloth and rub the excess off and apply my favorite lip balm, and you’re done. Your lips will seriously thank you and you’re bound to fall in love, bound to fall in love, uh huh honey.

this is what your end result should look like:



this was right after scrubbing, no edits, no filters, not wearing any makeup, so you can really see the lip color and the smoothness of it all.


after a couple of hours, no edits, no filters, and no makeup, no lip balm- and my lips are still hydrated.

the importance of being earnest.

I always say this: showing emotion doesn’t make you weak. If anything, it makes us courageous, makes us strong. That we’re able to convey things most people have a hard time even realizing. For as long as I can remember, I have NEVER been able to hide my emotions. My face tells ALL – and when I say ALL, I literally mean all. There’s a running joke in my house, if my forehead is scrunched and my eyebrows are low, everyone in my house is thinking “stay clear from Fatima,” not much of a joke actually. My mother instantly knows when I am I am not feeling well. My sister knows when I am in deep thought. My brother always knows when I don’t like something, because he claims my “stank face” is on 85 percent of the time.

My point is, I’m an open book. People always tell me it’s not a good thing and perhaps that’s true. Over the years though, I realize more and more how it is extremely important to be honest – especially to yourself. I get it, there are times we don’t want to think about certain aspects of our lives because it becomes too real, but that’s exactly it, its OUR life, it is REAL. Face your demons, face your thoughts. You don’t need to live your life pretending things will go away if we don’t face it. Spend less time running away from your problems and trying to rid yourself of them, instead spend time accepting the problems as an inevitable, natural part of life. Bottling up your emotions is never the answer.

Be honest to yourself and to the world. Stop being fake. It is one the of ugliest traits you can have. It is SO liberating, when you tell someone no without having to explain yourself, it is SO liberating when someone asks how you feel about something and you answer honestly. It is SO liberating to say how you feel, with tact of course – because rudeness and cruelty is ALSO an ugly trait.

Be genuine. Be real. Be honest. Be yourself. Stop pleasing the world. How can anyone give others happiness when they can’t even be honest with themselves? How can someone genuinely care for your emotions when they can’t even face their own?

Take ownership of your words, your thoughts, your emotions. Only then you can live a fulfilling life.

I have been liberated.

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