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I have been antcipating warmer temps for awhile now. Being a North Carolina native, you realize quickly that we have TWO long seasons all year, summer and winter- both extreme and not much fun. Fall and Spring are of course the nicest, but entirely too short, although Spring I am okay with because of the insane allergies that consume me. In that case, I am glad Spring is only a month long.

Needless to say I take advantage of those nice breezy days where it’s sunny but I can wear a cardigan over my dress and not be dying from a heat stroke. I am so ready to live in dresses and jumpsuits. Am I the only one, over wearing pants? Sorry Men, you don’t know how amazing it is.

This dress is one of my favorites, the color, the simplicity, how I can easily dress it up or down. The hat and necklace add a very Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen vibe – and they have been my style inspiration since I was 12, so naturally. The older I get, the more I go for a minimal look. Less is more my friends, less is more.

dress: h&m | hat & necklace f21 | shoes: Franchesca’s | cardigan: Charlotte Russe









IMG_0161  IMG_0235 IMG_0328

okay, so I had a major Bollywood moment with some of these pictures. Can I have my moment? 🙂 And a HUGE thank you to my lovely friend and amazing photographer, Kristina Allen. She seriously is the best. If you are in NC you can email her at:

Spring, is that you?

It’s March, and I am aware I didn’t do many winter outfit posts, and honestly my winter wardrobe is pretty simple, skinnies, boots or my purple converses and an oversized sweater. This winter was pretty interesting, which is always the case for North Carolina. Up until January it wasn’t even that cold. One week it would be in the 50’s and then the next week, the town shut down due to one and half inches of snow… yup, you read that correctly folks. The town shut down. Its okay though, we all fully enjoyed the snow days at home doing absolutely nothing – who wouldn’t?

So here’s a transitional outfit, the temps are getting warmer here, and I couldn’t be more excited! Can’t wait to pull out the flats for good and officially put away the boots. I’m a person who is naturally always cold, pleather is my go to, to stay warm and to make any simple outfit have some edge! I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a serious [unhealthy] obsession with outerwear! Living in NC, we only get a little bit of time to wear those lighter jackets before it gets too warm- and that time is finally here!

I am going to go ahead and apologize for the overload of pictures- my amazing and talented friend Kristina, took my pictures for me downtown! I had so much fun doing this shoot with her- if you guys are in North Carolina, seriously hit her up! Follow her instagram page: @kristinakeleephotography or email her directly at

jacket & shoes: Buckle | top & pants: f21




I kept my accessories pretty simple, which has become the norm for me. I let the jacket do all the talking. My necklace was also purchased at Buckle. I love the simplicity of it. watch: Michael Kors | bracelet: its my grandmother’s 24 carat bangle, that she gave me last time I went to Pakistan<3



Quite frankly I’ve never been a sequence girl, but when I saw these sparkly loafers, I just had to have them! They are such a fun pop to outfits, and I absolutely love that. Which is why I fell in love with this jacket!








adorned in couture + Giveaway!

Shopping in Pakistan is a fun experience. Seeing all the small shops on the street, the choodiyan (bangles) lined up so perfectly, the khussay (traditional Pakistani/Indian shoes) in a variety of colors, all the laces and fabrics you can chose from, the shopkeeper begging you to stop and look at his stuff. He shouts at the little kid who works with him to get us chai or a bottle of pepsi. It’s wonderful. My mother is currently in Pakistan and I am extremely jealous. She says shopping in Pakistan isn’t the same anymore. You’re constantly in fear someone will rob you. More shops over time, which means more people who will rip you off. I mean, that always happens right, but that’s when your bargaining skills come in handy. Sigh, I miss that, I really do, but it is also very overwhelming. If you have never shopped the local bazaars or once they know you’re from outside of the country, it’s a wrap, they jack up the prices even MORE. Nonetheless I enjoy it, it’s a great experience and everyone should do it once in their life.

If going to the motherland isn’t a simple task but you still want amazing eastern wear, that is where my amazing friend Ruma’s boutique comes in, a La Couture. She carries designer wear from Pakistan and India. She even does replicas, custom Bridal, and also carries designer summer lawn and winter wear pieces. Shopping has never been so effortless. The service is fantastic, uncomplicated and exceptionally trustworthy, and she is SO efficient. There are times I mention in passing, oh I love this suit or jewelry especially, and it will be at my doorstep in three to four days! Her incredible jewelry line just keeps growing! From timeless antique styles, to gorgeous gemstones! I can not rave enough about her jewelry line! Tons of designer inspired pieces!

In this post, I am going share some of the gorgeous jewelry she carries and outfits I have purchased through her! If you guys haven’t checked out her stuff, I urge you to go give it a like! She now has a website! Go like her Facebook page and instagram!

For Garments:

Jewels by a La Couture:

For more information, check out her website:

Instagram: alacouturebyruma

Andddd we have a Giveaway!!! She sent me the most lovely earrings and teeka for anyone who wants to participate! You all know how much I love headpieces/teekas ! So we wanted to incorporate both of our favorite things! To enter is SUPER easy! There will be three winners! All you need to do is make sure you are following me (fatimabutt926) and a La Couture (alacouturebyruma) on Instagram! Tag three people on one of our Giveaway pictures and get them to follow us or repost using the hashtags #alacouturebyruma #fatimabutt you have three weeks 🙂 Enjoyyyyy and good luck !

all outfits, earrings, & teeka courtesy of a La Couture

these traditional bali’s are my favorite! with blue stones and pearls hanging towards the bottom with an antique finish! I have had these for three years, and they look brand new! Paired with My favorite white lace outfit 🙂

SAM_8079 SAM_8066 SAM_8060 SAM_8055

emerald green is one of my favorite colors! when Ruma got this outfit in, I wanted it so bad, I ordered it immediately! the jeweled neckline, the red embroidery, this outfit is everything! She recently sent me these gorgeous emerald earrings that I wore at my cousins wedding and got SO many compliments- PLUS factor- they’re not even heavy! 

SAM_8047  SAM_8032SAM_8023 SAM_8011 SAM_8008 SAM_8007 SAM_8006


This is a replica Ruma made me for my cousins wedding, sent her a picture and with some modifications- came out prettier than I could have EVER imagined! These pictures also do no justice to the teeka and my Jodha Akbar styled earrings!


SAM_7990SAM_7982SAM_7978SAM_7997SAM_7987 SAM_7974 SAM_7969SAM_7977

Every summer Ruma carries designer Lawn! I absolutely loved the Faraz Manan collection this year and bought a couple of outfits! She also does Designer Linen for the winter 🙂

SAM_7859 SAM_7842 SAM_7845 SAM_7465


and shoutout to my personal photographer, my adorable baby brother ❤

uh huh honey.

Haven’t done a beauty post in a while, and winter weather calls for special attention, especially for our skin. If you have dry skin, this scrub will be great for that as well. For all my matte lipstick wearing friends, this is for you! I have tried manyyyy lip scrubs – emphasis on MANY. The one I found to be amazing next to my homemade one, is the lip scrub by e.l.f. and it’s only three dollars, so definitely something to check out! Nothing beats organic products though. My go to lip scrub is extremely simple and quick to whip up, and guys this is for you too, NO one wants dry, flakey lips.

All you need is sugar, olive oil, and honey. I got a little container to mix and store the ingredients in. For two spoons of honey, I use two spoons of sugar and then one spoon of olive oil. If I feel my skin is being extra flakey, I will add another spoon of sugar, and the days I need more hydration I add more honey and/or olive oil. Mix it until you find the consistency that works for you. Ever since I have started using this scrub, which has been a solid year, my lips NEVER flake or peel. I love matte lipsticks, and matte lipsticks are so incredibly drying and you can see every single line – not very attractive. But enter lip scrub. After scrubbing I take a wet warm wash cloth and rub the excess off and apply my favorite lip balm, and you’re done. Your lips will seriously thank you and you’re bound to fall in love, bound to fall in love, uh huh honey.

this is what your end result should look like:



this was right after scrubbing, no edits, no filters, not wearing any makeup, so you can really see the lip color and the smoothness of it all.


after a couple of hours, no edits, no filters, and no makeup, no lip balm- and my lips are still hydrated.

new birthday beginnings.

My birthday this year was amazing. Initially when my birthday month started, I was extremely sad about it, not going to lie. Every year my birthday is simple. I only want to spend it with family and my best friend. It always consisted of work/school and then a dinner… with my best friend. The past eight birthdays went that way. This year was different, my “best friend” isn’t in my life anymore, and that has been hard in itself to cope with. My birthday felt weird, how was I going to spend this day? Plus, I turned 27, how do you celebrate that? Jokes aside, I just didn’t want anything or to do anything. I wanted to have a little family dinner, where Rubes cooked my favorite food. Of course though, my lovely sister and amazing friend Mary, wanted to do something special for me, considering how I felt. My family and her threw me a surprise birthday party a week before my actual birthday and boy was I surprised. A room full of incredible people. Can’t thank my family and friends for constantly making me feel so loved. As I walked in, my adorable baby brother goes, are you surprised? I managed to get a yes out and held back the tears. I said why? and he quickly responded, you do so much for others, you deserve this. It was the sweetest thing ever, he makes my heart melt. My sister and Mary went above and beyond for the cutest party! I am blessed with amazing siblings. To top off all the amazingness, on my actual birthday, my awesome cousins surprised me from New York! Drove all night to get here one day before, just for me. Blessed doesn’t even begin to to cover how I feel. I have the most amazing people in my life, and they just happen to be my family.

“Don’t grieve, anything you lose comes around in another form” -Rumi

I might not have known what I was doing for my birthday, but I knew exactly what I was going to wear. Confessions of a shopholic, clearly. I went into forever21 and went a little crazy on jumpsuits. I found two that I absolutely adored. As my birthday approached, I knew I wanted to keep it minimal and sophisticated. I opted for the black jumper with my whisper pink blazer. I added the headpiece – had to be a little fancy, it was my birthday after all 🙂  My favorite thing I wore, was my father’s watch. I’ve had my eye on this watch every since I was a little girl. It was in my mothers jewelry box and I would just stare at it, hoping one day it will be mine. It was the watch he wore on his wedding day. Just a year ago my mother took it out and gave it to my brother. I literally cried and was bitter for months, I actually still am. It just happened that my brother gave it to me to get the battery changed. I took this as an opportunity to wear it at least once.  My father got married when he was 27, and the fact I got to wear it on my 27th birthday, made up for the fact that Bilal got the watch. Hey, the connection works for me, let me have it.

Jumper: f21 | blazer: h&m | headpiece: A La Couture | shoes: Steve Madden | purse: Versona






boho chic.

I swear, I was meant for a different era. My mother calls me a hippie all the time… and sometimes even a gypsy. If I could be in a headband all day, I probably would. I know the cooler temps are getting everyone excited for Fall, but it has been rainy and icky all week in NC. Luckily, the sun decides to come out and play mid-day, so I still get to incorporate some summer looks. I’ll take this post to also talk about my obsession with white. Whether it be eastern wear or tops, I constantly gravitate to white. There is something about a white shirt, especially white shalwar kameez, that makes me weak in the knees. I can’t explain the obsession but to me, everything looks better in white. It’s angelic yes, but it also feels brand new and I love that feeling.

So, here’s a look I put together last week. When it gets cooler, you can throw an oversized cardigan, pleather jacket, or a vest over this kind of top, and it will look great. These over-pieces are three completely different looks to style the outfit. I never go into American Eagle- not that there is anything wrong with AEO, I just feel too old for it, but I went in there to purchase a present earlier in the summer, and got this top for literally four dollars! It was meant to be. You will notice my jeans are AGAIN acid wash. I’m telling you, different era. I kept the look relatively simple, my headband is my focal point, obvi.

top: American Eagle Outfitters | jeans: Crash&Burn for Buckle | shoes: Francesca’s | headband: Tilley’s | purse: Buckle




orange you glad it’s pleather?

Pleather weather is here, and I couldn’t be more excited! Disclaimer: I had to take off the jacket because it got extremely hot mid day… but nonetheless it’s around the corner right?!

This is my favorite jacket, and there’s a story behind it. When I worked at Buckle last year, we got it in freight and for days we all just stared at the jacket thinking… why? On the hanger it just looked like glam went wrong. I don’t know why but it just looked horrific to me. Before my Cali trip last year I was dying to find the perfect black pleather jacket. My co-worker insisted I try it on. As I was trying it on, it was as if the light was shining on me… okay sorry for the dramatics, but there was something there. I could not believe how amazing and different it looked on! Everyone walking in, my co-workers, and my boss, said, Fatima, you NEED that in your life. Thank God I tried it on. Trying on things are key for me, they just always look different on the hanger, and then on me.

I love that I am able to dress up a simple outfit with this jacket. I’m not crazy about sequence, but the small gold specks over the sleeves grew on to me, it helped that it was a light gold color. And to be quite honest, I feel like a badass in this jacket, and that by itself is a good reason.

jacket: Buckle | dress & purse: h&m | leggings & shoes: Fabulous Finds Boutique | necklace: f21







olive Fall.

I’m dreaming about Fall, and I say dreaming considering it’s still pretty warm in North Carolina. I’ve seen many posts about how everyone loves Fall, so I won’t bore you. It’s all the same right? Cooler weather, amazing wardrobe, the changing crunchy leaves, and scary movies! Wait, that’s just me. Also, am I the only one who isn’t crazy about pumpkin spice? I just don’t understand the excessive hype around it, but of course, to each their own. I’m more of a creme brulee girl anyway.

The sole reason I love when the weather changes is because of outerwear! I have a weird obsession with jackets, coats, pleathers – all of it! I have a separate closet for all of my jackets- thanks mom. Seeing that it’s still warm during the day, jackets are an easy transitional piece to the cooler evenings.

This post, I’m sticking to my roots, as much as I love dressing up, it isn’t my everyday look. I wore heels this past weekend and I NEVER wear heels, unless someone is getting married. I don’t know how girls function in heels, I’m definitely jealous at times but I just naturally gravitate to flats. I paired my straight acid wash jeans with a white t-shirt and threw a jacket over it, and kept it even more “Fatima” with my purple converses and a fishtail braid.

jacket: Buckle | shirt: Obey | jeans: Big Star Vintage | shoes: converses | purse: Buckle | earcuff: h&m







jumping for joy.

Is it just me, or has this summer been extremely hot?  When I went to Canada earlier this month, I realized how hot it is here in the South in comparison. I needed a cardigan there at all times, because the winds were that breezy. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I love summer, I do, but Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons, and sadly North Carolina only gets to experience it for a short while. I have to get really creative in the summer, since shorts and tank tops are not my cup of tea. Maxi dresses and maxi skirts are usually my go to, because of the humidity here in NC. I try not to even mess with denim, it’s SUCH a hassle. Recently, I found something even more breathable. I have been jumping for joy over jumpsuits! Ever since it got warm, I have been obsessed! I found a linen one a couple of months ago and it has been my go to piece! It’s easy to style, very minimal, and it is SO comfortable. I am not a floral print girl, but I really liked this jumper. I wore it to a birthday party prior to wearing it in Canada, and I love that I was able to dress it up and dress it down. Just depends on your accessories. I wore this jumper to the zoo in Canada and kept my look very simple, side braid and all. I used the cardigan for a pop of color- and for warmth!

Oh, and my beautiful cousin makes an appearance in my post! =)


Jumper: Forever21 | Cardigan: Forever21 | Purse: remi & reid | shoes: Naughty Monkey 






linen & things.

Blazers have always been my favorite go-to piece. I love how it can instantly dress up a casual t-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. Since I tend to be a little bit more conservative, I always wear something over my dresses, and I feel a blazer adds a little something extra. I normally wear cardigans over dresses, but adding a blazer transforms your look from girly to sophisticated. I purchased this white linen blazer about two years ago, and it has been one of the best investments I have made. I love how light and breathable it is, and it extremely versatile! I knew the DC heat would have been intense and especially having to walk around the city, I wanted to keep my look easy. I prefer to keep one piece of my outfit the focal point, and everything else relatively soft. Hope you enjoy this city edition of pictures! And since the day wasn’t about me, I couldn’t get too creative.

Blazer: Fabulous Finds Boutique | Dress: Buckle | Clutch: Steve Madden | Neckelace: Buckle | Shoes: Buckle











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