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Make-up is an expression of creativity and a form of art. I believe that to be true, but this is what happened when I didn’t wear make-up for 30 days.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been experiencing some interesting changes. The things that once mattered to me, don’t. I can’t distinguish when the change happened but a part of me gathers it is because I am turning 30 soon. Eight months to be exact. Other components have been a deciding factor as well.

The idea came to me one day out of anger. I was angry that as I spoke about a topic that weighed remarkably heavy on my heart,  someone stopped me to ask me the color of my lipstick. I don’t know what made me more angry, the fact that out of EVERYTHING I was saying, they were more interested in my fake lip color or that I cared.

I am constantly torn between, how I want to be perceived by others, and not really caring and doing as I please. It’s a daily struggle to be honest. Naturally, I am not concerned with what people think about me, but I do carry some sort of burden of being represented correctly.

We live in a world where the word feminism is interpreted in various ways. I consider myself a feminist, in the true sense of the word. Both sexes should be treated equally – nothing more, nothing less. When people see me or speak to me, I want to be taken seriously MORE than anything in my life. In fact, I  want it so badly, I come off aggressive most days. I became aware of this thanks to my ex (they’re good for something I guess.) He’d always tell me to take it easy, that it was never that serious, and although he was right, I couldn’t help but to think, you’re not a woman, you’ll never get it.

I started to define these moments as losses. That if my hair was too polished and my outfit was too perfect then the matters I was speaking on or the important things I was trying to accomplish, were going to get lost. I became so obsessed with being heard that I didn’t want to be seen. I didn’t want any sort of distraction. I wanted my knowledge and intelligence to be the core of me. ‘What you see, is what you get,’ if you will. So I took away the pink lipstick and opted for a fresh face, discoloration and all. Tucked my curls away, and pulled back my hair. Needless to say, my sisters went on to tell me I looked like a walking zombie.

Initially, I hated the way my dark circles were the first thing you noticed and I absolutely loathed the, “are you tired?” question. As the days passed, I started to like the extra thirty minutes of sleep in the morning. I started to like my bare skin and my hair pulled back. I started to realize, I was still me. The strong willed person who doesn’t take any bullshit. Concealer or sans concealer. I know make-up doesn’t define me, it never had. That was never the question I battled with. I wanted to take away this superficial layer, and be my authentic self. I wanted people to ask me more significant questions. I wanted to engage in more meaningful conversations.

I concluded, it wasn’t necessarily the make-up that was the issue, but perhaps the people in my life. I was getting “rid” of the wrong thing. I also recognized, its all how YOU define it. Interest in beauty and fashion doesn’t diminish my intelligence BUT I will be damned if you presume that interest in such matters define me as person entirely. I just defined a new me.

I am MORE than my well thought-out outfits. I am especially MORE than my face. I am MORE with my pink lipstick and I’m also MORE with my dark circles, and I am REALLY more when we talk about the POTUS.

The Younique way


I haven’t done a beauty post in quite awhile; I get many questions about my skin care, makeup and even about my hair. If there were something specific you guys would love to see, let me know! I kept thinking about what I wanted to share with you guys, so why not some products I’ve recently tested and have loved!

I was extremely fortunate to try some amazing Younique products. My best friend, Ashley, is a Younique presenter! She is SO passionate about their products. Quite frankly, when you see people endorsing products they are selling, you naturally think its a gimmick. I know Ashley on a personal level, so I know she would never sell anything she doesn’t believe in- which is why I wholeheartedly believe in Younique, perhaps if it wasn’t for her, I, too would think was just a marketing scheme. Her Facebook page Lash with Ash, does wonders! She posts videos on how to wear makeup daily, to even fun more daring makeup ideas, and a bunch of helpful tricks and tips! It’s honestly great to see your best friend get so creative and develop in her make-up skills, its every girls dream!

When I asked Ashley about the mascara, she was SO sweet to send me some products she knew I’d love. She knows my love for mascara and matte lipsticks runs deep, so she sent me two lip stains and the famous 3D fiber mascara. She also knew, that more than makeup, I am crazy about skin care. She also sent me the uplift eye serum.

Everyone has seen the crazy results with the 3D Fiber mascara. It is phenomenal. I have so many people always ask me if my lashes are real- indeed real! This mascara does wonders. It is a process to apply and you kind of have to master it and figure out what works for you, but once you do, you’re good to go! If you are in the market for some crazy length – this mascara is definitely for you! I’ll insert a close up- so you guys can see results of the mascara.IMG_8129

 The uplift eye serum has to be hands down my favorite product! I have really dry under eyes, I think with age (ha, yes almost in my 30’s – I said almost) and with all the concealer I cake on, my under eye area gets extremely dry, and this has been the first product that has diminished that completely. Even in these cold temps, I never feel my under eye crease anymore or feel rough from the dryness, which has been a miracle! It really tightens and moisturizes the entire eye area. It also aims to diminish any eye wrinkles. This will be a regular part of my skin care regime. I am absolutely obsessed! If you do not try anything else with Younique, you NEED to try this!

Onto to the lip stains. I haven’t tried many but these lip stains are LIFE! The colors are so nice and natural looking and I love the finish. It is so different from a matte lipstick, it truly enhances your own lip color, a much more comfortable wear, and of course they last for hours! They go on liquid and dry to nice semi matte finish. The best way to apply is let the first coat dry, and add another coat. I love how it never gets on your teeth too! The two colors I have are Sleek- which is a darker brown/plum color I opted for winter (all that Kylie rage) and Shy is this gorgeous red/pinkish tone that gives this just bitten look- which I absolutely adore.


Sleek is to the left, and Shy is the one on the right.

If you want any Younique products, follow my friend Ashely’s page on Facebook- or just message me and I can direct you to her! 🙂 And for any further information, visit her website: Younique By Ashley


photo1 (3)

Since I get a lot of questions about some of the products I use and love, I decided this could be my first beauty post. They’re all random but definitely my essentials.

I always rave about the Clarisonic –  and for my male followers, you can totally invest in this too! The Clairsonic was a complete game changer for my skin! I was 23 and I was still breaking out. It did not matter what face wash I used or what lotion, acne was inevitable. For someone who was breaking out since they were 14, I WAS DONE! I needed something different. I’ve read some reviews that initially, it can purge your pores and cause break outs, but that never happened to me. I use the sensitive brush head and it works perfectly with my skin. I tried the acne brush head once or twice, and the way my skin is now, I find it abrasive. Almost three loyal years later, who would have thought my skin would be one of my favorite things about me!

Every now and then I do break out, it’s totally normal, but you just have to learn to combat it, the proper way. A change in diet usually effects my skin, and all those lazy nights of when washing my face becomes a huge task. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion has been extremely beneficial. Anything with tea tree extracts or oils, is supposed to help acne prone skin. This lotion does wonders! You can get it at Ulta or of course The Body Shop. Their whole tea tree line is absolutely wonderful. I love the way it smells, its a strong smell, but a clean scent and the face wash wakes me up in the morning – it’s definitely a winner for me!

Okay so my obsession with chap sticks are probably unhealthy, ask anyone. For the most part my lips aren’t too dry but since I love matte lipsticks, dry lips are an absolute no no! Vaseline lip therapy- rosy lips, is easily my new favorite! I’m kind of a snob when it comes to chap sticks because it has to be the perfect consistency, not an over bearing smell, AND actually stay on my lips for longer than a minute. This cute little product by far is one of the greatest I’ve tried in awhile!

I love blush. I feel as if I can never have enough! I know it sounds crazy, but my face eats blush so I initially apply excessive amounts. Nars Amour is my signature, I always come back to this blush color. For my skin tone, it is the perfect pink. It’s natural but bright and totally build able, and it stays on!

Another one of my staples! MAC’s Please Me is my signature pink lip. I have tried SO many lipsticks and this one is just the perfect shade for me! And look- its ALMOST finished, my mother would be so proud.

I’ve recently just gotten into make-up brushes. I’ve always used Bamboo and loved it because of the natural bristles. I recently just purchased e.l.f’s studio brush line. For someone who is relatively new to applying makeup with brushes and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money – BUY THIS! It was THREE dollars. You can’t beat that. It’s supposed to be a dupe for MAC brushes. I use this small stipple brush for everything! BB cream, liquid blush, even blending my concealer. It’s amazing.

I love all Benefit products. The Erase Paste is undeniably one of my favorites and it actually does what it claims! I don’t know about you, but it does not matter how much sleep I get the night before, my dark circles are always prominent. Dark circles are also prone to darker skinned people. Apply this before your concealer, and voila, it tones down the purple. It also helps with using less concealer, which is a huge plus.

Hydrating your skin is vital. This is my secret weapon. Sephora’s flawless moisturizing lotion is incredible. It has SPF 15 which might not be ideal but it is a start if you don’t apply sunscreen at all. My skin is very normal, not oily and not too dry. This lotion is hydrating, doesn’t feel heavy and it doesn’t have a smell. I swear by it.

Lastly, Ben Nye Banana powder. I love setting powders but why are they always white? I am FAR from white and most setting powders always leave a white caste over my skin and I absolutely hate that. This translucent mattifying powder is silky fine and I love how it blends into my natural undertones. These powders are specially formulated to absorb excess oil and soften the appearance of pores. Oh, and the Kardashians use them, and let’s not deny how fab their make- up is. Okay, now go bananas!

If you would like to see how I apply any of these products, leave a comment below and let me know!

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