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I can’t stress how much fun it is to shop in Pakistan. The rich colors, the different trends, the amazing fabrics. For me, I don’t even think 6mo. would suffice for ALL the things I’d want to buy, or better yet create. It’s no surprise, I’m extremely picky. I carefully chose what fabric I want my outfit to be, the style, the color, the entire look. It’s a process and to be really honest, shopping in Pakistan can be overwhelming. My favorite fabric store Moon Banarsi – I literally was dying in there, the same gorgeous fabric in numerous colors, I mean how is a girl to chose?! It’s tough. Also, in Pakistan the fabrics are mostly available by the current season they’re in. For instance, February begins the madness we know as Lawn (a very soft thin cotton) season. So while I was there in March, lawn was in full swing. I could easily find lawn or super fancy, but not so much in the middle.

I’m really grateful for how accessible it is to order from different online boutiques and designers directly now. Growing up, only time I got new clothes was when my mom went to Pakistan. Nowadays, you can order custom made outfits and get them delivered right to our door step. It is such a convenience. ElegantandFashion is JUST that. You’re able to buy ready-made outfits, or even custom design your order!

This outfit they sent me is such a pretty net material, with a silk lining and flared bottoms that are so complimentary and on trend. I love the pearl detailing, so I focused on those pretty beads and added pearl earrings, that I purchased from Pakistan, to enhance the entire look.

Check our their instagram and mention my name for a discount! Hope this look gives you guys some inspiration for wedding season and Eid parties coming up 🙂

the dress of the season.

When my mother purchased this fabric, I honestly didn’t even care for it. She came home and said I bought this to take to Pakistan for an outfit. I didn’t pay it much mind, I figured my other sisters could have it. When she was actually leaving for Pakistan, we all handed her our lists: of things I wanted, how I wanted them – and I’m extremely particular, so I know she wasn’t happy with my list haha. I usually print her pictures so she has a better understanding of how I prefer my clothes to be. She packed this fabric and asked how I wanted it, and I told her to just make it into a dress. I figured if we kept it simple, she couldn’t really mess up. In this case, I am SO happy she disregarded what I wanted and did her own thing. My cousins wife helped her make this dress come alive. After constant texts through what’s app, regardless of time differences, I am glad they asked me for approval for everything. Forever thankful, that they understand my picky ways.

The dress was made in Lahore, by my cousins personal tailor. My mother and her went and got the neckline made and added pearls to the hemline and armholes. I absolutely love the way this dress came out, I get so many inquires about it! Ruby out did herself.











adorned in couture + Giveaway!

Shopping in Pakistan is a fun experience. Seeing all the small shops on the street, the choodiyan (bangles) lined up so perfectly, the khussay (traditional Pakistani/Indian shoes) in a variety of colors, all the laces and fabrics you can chose from, the shopkeeper begging you to stop and look at his stuff. He shouts at the little kid who works with him to get us chai or a bottle of pepsi. It’s wonderful. My mother is currently in Pakistan and I am extremely jealous. She says shopping in Pakistan isn’t the same anymore. You’re constantly in fear someone will rob you. More shops over time, which means more people who will rip you off. I mean, that always happens right, but that’s when your bargaining skills come in handy. Sigh, I miss that, I really do, but it is also very overwhelming. If you have never shopped the local bazaars or once they know you’re from outside of the country, it’s a wrap, they jack up the prices even MORE. Nonetheless I enjoy it, it’s a great experience and everyone should do it once in their life.

If going to the motherland isn’t a simple task but you still want amazing eastern wear, that is where my amazing friend Ruma’s boutique comes in, a La Couture. She carries designer wear from Pakistan and India. She even does replicas, custom Bridal, and also carries designer summer lawn and winter wear pieces. Shopping has never been so effortless. The service is fantastic, uncomplicated and exceptionally trustworthy, and she is SO efficient. There are times I mention in passing, oh I love this suit or jewelry especially, and it will be at my doorstep in three to four days! Her incredible jewelry line just keeps growing! From timeless antique styles, to gorgeous gemstones! I can not rave enough about her jewelry line! Tons of designer inspired pieces!

In this post, I am going share some of the gorgeous jewelry she carries and outfits I have purchased through her! If you guys haven’t checked out her stuff, I urge you to go give it a like! She now has a website! Go like her Facebook page and instagram!

For Garments: https://www.facebook.com/alacouturebyruma

Jewels by a La Couture: https://www.facebook.com/jewelsbyalacouture

For more information, check out her website: http://alacouture.com/

Instagram: alacouturebyruma

Andddd we have a Giveaway!!! She sent me the most lovely earrings and teeka for anyone who wants to participate! You all know how much I love headpieces/teekas ! So we wanted to incorporate both of our favorite things! To enter is SUPER easy! There will be three winners! All you need to do is make sure you are following me (fatimabutt926) and a La Couture (alacouturebyruma) on Instagram! Tag three people on one of our Giveaway pictures and get them to follow us or repost using the hashtags #alacouturebyruma #fatimabutt you have three weeks 🙂 Enjoyyyyy and good luck !

all outfits, earrings, & teeka courtesy of a La Couture

these traditional bali’s are my favorite! with blue stones and pearls hanging towards the bottom with an antique finish! I have had these for three years, and they look brand new! Paired with My favorite white lace outfit 🙂

SAM_8079 SAM_8066 SAM_8060 SAM_8055

emerald green is one of my favorite colors! when Ruma got this outfit in, I wanted it so bad, I ordered it immediately! the jeweled neckline, the red embroidery, this outfit is everything! She recently sent me these gorgeous emerald earrings that I wore at my cousins wedding and got SO many compliments- PLUS factor- they’re not even heavy! 

SAM_8047  SAM_8032SAM_8023 SAM_8011 SAM_8008 SAM_8007 SAM_8006


This is a replica Ruma made me for my cousins wedding, sent her a picture and with some modifications- came out prettier than I could have EVER imagined! These pictures also do no justice to the teeka and my Jodha Akbar styled earrings!


SAM_7990SAM_7982SAM_7978SAM_7997SAM_7987 SAM_7974 SAM_7969SAM_7977

Every summer Ruma carries designer Lawn! I absolutely loved the Faraz Manan collection this year and bought a couple of outfits! She also does Designer Linen for the winter 🙂

SAM_7859 SAM_7842 SAM_7845 SAM_7465


and shoutout to my personal photographer, my adorable baby brother ❤

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