the art of layering.

If anyone has mastered the art of layering, its usually all the models with their street style. With their causal tees, a button-up (or a flannel tied to their waist), another layer, a really cool moto jacket, and that blanket scarf that pretty much devours them. The art of layering is all about the pieces you layer with.

firstly: pick a color palette and stick with it. It’s essential that the pieces match in some way.

second: it is important to pick thin layers to layer with. If you chose a bulky item, that is how one can look bigger than they really are. Pick ONE bulky layer, and that should be the layer that can be easily taken on and off – usually the coat.

third: layering with accessories is the best. it adds to your look without feeling or looking heavy. a winter hat, jewelry, or knee high socks under your boots that peek through, and of course the blanket scarf. I love how it can turn an outfit to chic in a matter of seconds. All of these items help with layering without the bulky feel, if you’re not into the multiple clothes thing.

I don’t know why, but I always wear a cami (especially during winter time) it keeps me warm and adds an easy layer. For my shirt, I chose my thinner denim shirt, a cardigan and threw on my pleather to complete this look. Of course sunny North Carolina forced me to take my scarf off, but thats okay because I am sure the temps will get frigid in no time and I can wear all my lovely scarfs.

IMG_9730 IMG_9733 IMG_9737

cami: Buckle | top: f21 | cardigan: h&m | pleather: Steve Madden | jeans: Big Star Vintage | boots: Naughty Monkey.

Happy Layering!

uh huh honey.

Haven’t done a beauty post in a while, and winter weather calls for special attention, especially for our skin. If you have dry skin, this scrub will be great for that as well. For all my matte lipstick wearing friends, this is for you! I have tried manyyyy lip scrubs – emphasis on MANY. The one I found to be amazing next to my homemade one, is the lip scrub by e.l.f. and it’s only three dollars, so definitely something to check out! Nothing beats organic products though. My go to lip scrub is extremely simple and quick to whip up, and guys this is for you too, NO one wants dry, flakey lips.

All you need is sugar, olive oil, and honey. I got a little container to mix and store the ingredients in. For two spoons of honey, I use two spoons of sugar and then one spoon of olive oil. If I feel my skin is being extra flakey, I will add another spoon of sugar, and the days I need more hydration I add more honey and/or olive oil. Mix it until you find the consistency that works for you. Ever since I have started using this scrub, which has been a solid year, my lips NEVER flake or peel. I love matte lipsticks, and matte lipsticks are so incredibly drying and you can see every single line – not very attractive. But enter lip scrub. After scrubbing I take a wet warm wash cloth and rub the excess off and apply my favorite lip balm, and you’re done. Your lips will seriously thank you and you’re bound to fall in love, bound to fall in love, uh huh honey.

this is what your end result should look like:



this was right after scrubbing, no edits, no filters, not wearing any makeup, so you can really see the lip color and the smoothness of it all.


after a couple of hours, no edits, no filters, and no makeup, no lip balm- and my lips are still hydrated.

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