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It’s not a surprise how much I LOVE headpieces. Just take a look at my Instagram, with my eastern wear I am usually always rocking a “maatha paati” or “teeka”- which are just more specific names for headpieces in Urdu. Even with American clothes, I like to incorporate headpieces and headbands. I know statement necklaces have been HUGE this year and I really like how they jazz up an outfit but I’ll always have a soft spot for headpieces. Being that they’ve always been so common in my culture, and the new craze fits right into my insane obsession for them. 

My rules for wearing headpieces are simple. Less is more folks. When I want to wear a head piece I keep the rest of my jewelry to a minimum. Simple studs usually suffice for my earrings. I don’t even bother with a necklace, and if you must, keep it as effortless as possible. With Pakistani clothes, I tend to dress it up more, but that’s a given.

So I get a lot of questions on where I buy my headpieces. I am fortunate my mother goes to Pakistan every year and shops for me. I have picked up some great pieces at Urban Outfitters and that was two years ago, now they are much more common and can be found anywhere. I have also purchased some of my favorite pieces from my lovely friend, Ruma. Ruma owns her own business and you can follow her on her Facebook page and Instagram by the name A la Couture! She carries beautiful Pakistani and Indian clothes and the jewelry is definitely drool worthy! I am hooked, any time I need matching earrings for an outfit, or in my case a teeka or headpiece, I instantly think of Ruma. Not only is she exceptionally friendly and sweet, her service is extremely efficient! We have a special giveaway coming up so stay tuned, I’m giving you a heads up! 🙂



This headpiece was purchased from A La Couture.


This headpiece was purchased from Urban Outfitters. Earrings and outfit courtesy: A La Couture. 

photo2 (1)

This maatha paati was purchased in Lahore, Pakistan.

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