let it go.

I always say loving someone is easy. Its not difficult to fall for their cute personality traits, we often confuse that initial high- with love, but perhaps it could be love. Love for that person in general, love with the idea of eventually being with this person. My family always tells me I’m weird; I’m all about that slow progression. Loving is simple, you just be. It’s the other things people have a hard time with. Such as, loyalty, commitment, sacrifice, and the hardest of them all- forgiveness.

Why is it so problematic to forgive someone we love? Ego, of course. We always feel we’re right in most situations- because we know our intentions, and when someone we love hurts us, we constantly keep thinking- how can the person we love so dearly hurt us? Very possible by the way.

I could say all those cliché phrases right now, that life is short, that you’ll never get this time again, you might lose someone tomorrow and ask yourself, was it worth it? My theory is, in retrospect what is more important- your ego? Or that burden you will carry of not forgiving someone? Or for not saying how you really felt?

If you know me, you know I say what I am feeling always, word vomit if you will. All while being honest remain tactful. For me, it’s never about the right time or not. If something is weighing heavy at me- I have to get it off my chest. There are many things I can carry in my heart, but the burden of regret? That’s not one of them.

I don’t know why people complicate life. If you want to talk to someone, call. Miss them? Tell them. Want to hang out with someone? Invite them. I take full ownership of every single emotion I feel. Its extremely empowering to be fully in control- of the things I can control, of course. Because trust me, there are numerous things which we cannot control, but telling someone you’re going to call them back and then you get a phone call that they are no more.. that is something you will live with forever, and I don’t know about you.. but its much easier to just make the phone call.

So ask yourself, is that you, or your ego?

And also, forgive yourself. I think often forgiveness is associated with others. It is okay if you let your ego get the best of you at times. Just remember, that you can always take over at any given moment and change the momentum of how things are going. That is the power of having control… and being human.

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