accessing accounts.

There a different departments in our life and some openly talk about it, and others keep certain matters private, and in a world where we feel the need to share everything, I understand the need to lay low. But there is a liability to our actions that should be discussed.

Everyone defines friendship differently and quite frankly that is okay, but what I am not okay with is people enabling me or vice versa. We have financial advisers to help us with our investments, savings, and retirement to hold us ACCOUNTABLE  (or is that just me now because I’m finally adulting.) We hire trainers and/or nutritionists to guide us through the process of getting healthier. We have apps to tell us how much we slept, how many calories we burned, how many steps we’ve taken in a day – I could go on, but you get the point. It all goes back to accountability, we ultimately  want to be responsible for our actions. SO in what sane world would I want a group of friends who indulge me and not push me to grow?

It is simple. Openly addressing what or who created the problems in your life is the first step to fixing “issues.” Of course, there are consequences to ALL actions, but ignoring  the truth YOU created derails all businesses, relationships, and friendships. And that is the biggest quandary people don’t want to confront- themselves.

Face yourself in the mirror. Do not cover it when you have mishandled some accounts in your life. Have people in your life HOLD the mirror when your hands tremble. Don’t coddle me or disguise my shortcomings. You’re setting me up for disaster, not greatness and I want to be great. How can I be productive if I can’t recognize what hurdles are in the foreground? That is the pivotal moment we need friends, family to hold us answerable. I can’t win nor can YOU without accountability.

People who choose to remain indifferent aren’t doing you any favors. I demand accountability. Those who refrain from holding the mirror (for themselves and you) create larger problems. Most people are afraid to have someone look at them critically and dig deeper and evaluate, but how do we progress in our careers, at our jobs? We have evaluations every six months to see where our strengths lie and our weaknesses – to determine what direction our focus needs to be so we can continually improve and not just remain stagnant. Why wouldn’t we apply the same principles to our lives? I refuse to deal or acknowledge people who can’t challenge themselves because in all honestly, how can they contribute to my greatness? They can’t. If they abstain from recognizing their own actions dealing with work, speech, behavior – then there isn’t much they can contribute to your life. Self-inflicting issues can only be ridden with accountability. You can not wallow about the changes happening in you life if you dodge refinement.

Having accountability is most certainly not the end of world, but an opening to a million possibilities. Be accountable. Cultivate in greatness. Make a difference. Stand up for what is right- because those who go left is not the side of the quest I want to be on.

What account have you managed today?

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