Be Luminous

My journey hasn’t been easy, but it has been humbling and rewarding. Every step of the way though, I have truly tried to remain graceful and shine bright – no matter what the obstacle. Which leads me to Be Luminous. For ten years I worked for the family business, at the time honestly, it felt like a hassle. I blamed a lot of my shortcomings for the time I had devoted to the business. That I was somewhat behind in life. With college, with meeting someone. You know the only things that matter for a woman born to South Asian parents.

Then at 27, I finally graduated college with honors, I already snagged my first job, I became a published writer (a long-standing dream way before starting this blog) it seemed as if everything was coming together.

That’s the thing about a journey though – I was so focused on getting to a destination, I didn’t stop to smell the roses, if you will.

The work and dedication I put into that business is what made me push through and achieve all my goals. It taught me determination, to be resilient (it’s not easy working for your father) but most importantly it gave me my work ethic.

I’ve always been in the business to make other people feel their best. I worked as a personal shopper for years. Even when starting this blog, before being an influencer was even a thing. I’d share all my tips and tricks and the one thing that always stuck was how I made people feel.

My sister always used to say, for my personality – I sure did play the supporting role really well. Sure, I could walk into a room and steal the show and all eyes would be on me. My presence indeed demands attention and my whole life I have tried to shrink it to make room for others.

It’s time to be the heroine of my own story, and thanks to my best friend who gave me the gift of Grey’s Anatomy, 15 years later, late to the club, I know. There has been some epic moments on the show for sure, but my favorite dialogue that will always stick with me, is: “He’s very dreamy but he’s not the sun, you are”. ‘He’ can be defined as anything in your life – holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

The brand is to make you feel like the brightest star. I’m always told, I’m extremely put together and I take that as the highest compliment. I hope to bring some light into your life as well.

And whatever you do in life, where ever your path ends up taking you, just remember always, Be Luminous.

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  1. Fatima, you are a Light in the world. I’m thankful to know you personally and that you exist. I look forward to supporting all of your positive ventures!


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