I often ask numerous questions to the universe and I’m not quite sure if I’m searching for answers necessarily, but I do recognize it is essentially about the research we uncover. People always ask me what the purpose of my blog is. Its challenging to pinpoint exactly where I want the direction for my posts to go, because frankly, my thoughts are everywhere, and I make no apologies for it. My inspiration comes from countless sources. I get unusually passionate while discussing the most random topics. There are days where I feel the need to discuss trivial things, and then there are days my heart urges me to express my own views. I have so much I want to say. I believe humans are made to be passionate about ALL things we admire, and I am bursting from the seams. Grab a cup of chai or whatever you prefer, and have a seat so we can attempt to navigate through life together.



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  1. I’m super excited to read your thoughts on certain things. Being an open book for some is a challenge! Stay blessed beautiful!


    1. I use so many different eyeliners! For liquid, Stila is my favorite! For pencil I have a couple, Nars, Make-up Forever, Urban Decay- and the darkest black one usually! Thank you 🙂


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