fine lines.

As I get older, I started to notice fine lines around my mouth and my forehead. I kept thinking, how did I get here? Fine lines represent different things – old age mainly, but perhaps I should dig deeper than anti aging products. My prominent frown lines come from all the scrunching my face does on a daily basis because of all the stupid remarks people say. My fine lines around my mouth are a representation of how much I’ve laughed over the years, and I should be proud of that –  not try to reverse the process. But maybe I  should be more concerned with fine lines that aren’t really visible, and the damaging effects those lines have on me.

Between love and commitment there is such a fine line. Between being vocal and crossing over to disrespect. Between wanting what your heart desires and keeping others happy. Between being a manager and a leader. Fine lines are everywhere in our lives – so very prominent, so very tricky, but not always so visible, and the smallest step can cross you over to the dark side.

I tend to tread carefully, it’s who I am. At times, I think I am actually rebellious, but then I am put in situations where I am on the verge of those fine lines and quickly realize I am not as rebellious as I think am. I am not afraid to be honest, but I am afraid I’ll hurt someone with my honesty. I’m not afraid to make big moves, but I am afraid how those moves will effect me mentally. I’m strategic with most of my accords, even though I have A LOT of emotion, I start to think of all the pros and cons before making that decision. It usually is a battle between logic, rationale, and how I feel/what I want.

Fine lines represent courage. It forces you to be fearless. Whether its for your job, friendships.. relationships – you have to be brave and embrace the path that can change your entire life. If you always tread carefully on those fine lines, you’ll never know what is on the other side of fear. It could be love, an amazing business venture – and yes you’ll lose money at first, but its exciting, and thrilling, and the experiences are endless. I once read, fortune comes to those that are brave. It has resonated with me since. In order to get what you truly want, you can’t allow yourself to be complacent even if  that decision scares the shit out of you.

So yes, fine lines can be alarming and extremely intimidating, but they also portray progression, and progression is the key to a rewarding life.

May the space between where I am and where I want to be, inspire me.

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